Change MX records BEFORE adding domain?

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    I emailed wordpress about 3 weeks ago, and I’m having trouble getting a hold of anyone. My domain host suggested that I switch my MX records *before* switching the DNS on their end, otherwise I have risk of losing my email service for a time (not good!), so I’m trying to figure out if I can change the MX records before I switch the DNS records on the end of my domain host (which should prevent problems). I have my email through gmail, but apparently there is still risk of having it screw up.
    I would really like to get my website put back together, does anyone have any suggestions on this?

    The blog I need help with is



    I can’t find any support requests from you. Did you send them from the email address on your account?

    To answer your question, you’ll only be able to inset the MX records after purchasing domain mapping.

    Depending on how quickly you type those in, there will be about a minute of downtime at the most.


    Thanks for the quick reply!
    I don’t have access to the DNS records at DollarHost, so I have to ask them to do it for me – which will take up to 48 hrs to complete.
    If I purchase domain mapping, can I change the MX records there before asking DollarHost to change the DNS?



    Once you activate domain mapping and direct your nameservers here, your DNS will be controlled through us.

    You’ll need to change the MX records via your Custom DNS panel once the domain mapping is set.



    @macmanx – I think they want to buy the domain mapping here for their blog and change things BEFORE they have Dollar Host change the name servers –

    Seems to me there is some error checking for security reasons that require the name servers to be pointing to WordPress.COM before the domain mapping can be done.

    Name servers then domain mapping? Correct?



    You will see a huge error if you don’t change the nameservers first, but there is a button to bypass that and purchase mapping.

    Even if you did change the nameservers and purchase mapping, it’ll take less than a minute to add the MX records.

    The bulk of the delay will be the nameserver propagation, which can take up to 72 hours, and is not something that we have control over.


    Thanks for your help, both of you! Hopefully I understand this, I am a total luddite and this sort of thing really stresses me out. I’ll give this a shot…
    Thanks again!



    You’re welcome!


    uh oh, I can’t find that bypass button… if I go to store > add domain and put in my domain, it just comes up with a notice saying that it is “not pointing to WordPress”, but I don’t see anything to bypass this.
    Am I in the right area?



    Do you see any sort of “I have already done this” button?

    If not, go ahead and change the nameservers first. It should only take a minute between changing the nameservers, purchasing domain mapping, and pasting in your MX records (assuming that you have those ready).


    yes, that just sends me to the same page.
    Oh well, hopefully I won’t miss any important emails and can get it switched over quick.
    Thanks again

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