Change my “banner” file name…

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    I have made a banner named:

    I have send this link to some other blogs in order to put it as an image-link to my blog.
    I made a NEW banner with the same name on my PC.
    I DELETED the first banner and i upload THE NEW ONE WITH THE SAME NAME (from my PC) BUT it has renamed as: (

    The question is: .

    How can i change the filename (meapopsi_banner3.png) to meapopsi_banner.png in order to get all the others the right banner ?

    Thanks a lot

    The blog I need help with is



    You can’t.



    Who can do it for me ?



    Nobody can, that’s the thing. Uploading files with the same name causes this effect, and you cannot rename a file in your media library. The sites that have used your old code will not have an image but will get the empty box with the red X in it, since you have deleted it.


    You might try this: Delete those files and wait 24 hours before uploading the new one again. Since wordpress is database driven, files are not immediately deleted typically, they are just made inaccessible and marked for deletion. Generally with databases, files are deleted on a schedule. Sometimes every 6 hours, or 12 hours, or 24 hours. It just depends on database loads and such.

    Give it a try and see what happens. I’ve had a couple people tell me it worked for them waiting 24 hours.



    Thank you all
    I know that about database, but I thought that files are managed differently.

    I sent a question to support and I got this answer:

    I’m afraid that once you delete a file you can’t re-upload a file in it’s place, so you’ll need to change the references to the banner to meapopsi_banner3.png

    I will try again with another file, just to …. learn

    Thanks again.


    That is strange. I know I’ve suggested waiting 24 hours and uploading again and I’m sure it worked on at least one. Don’t think I heard back on the other one.


    My experience is that you don’t get the extra number at the end if you don’t re-upload the file the same month.


    Panaghiotisadmin is right. Waiting one month would allow you to upload again and not get a number appended to the file name, however, the path would still be different (because the date in the URL would be different).

    In meapopsi’s example, the URL is:

    If they wait until august to upload, they could get a URL like this:

    To answer the original question, raincoaster is correct, you cannot re-upload an image with the same name into the same path for a blog. Because of how we store files, the system is designed to not allow the same file name and path to be used twice.


    Hmmm, month. That’s too long to wait. I’m going to have to think about that to figure out the logic.


    This is the biggest problem I have with how images are archived on WP.

    It’s the dated URL that’s the problem.

    If you upload an image to Photobucket, then put the link into several WP posts, and later want to upload a new version you can simply delete the version from Photobucket and upload the new version with the same file name. The changes take effect almost immediately in all of the posts the image was placed.

    This doesn’t work for the banner / header because it’s a direct upload. It’d be nice to have a little more control over that as well.

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