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    change the name: I want to change the account from


    how do go about it? Can it be done?

    The blog I need help with is



    First, your blog URL does not include the “www”. Most browsers will automatically redirect if you enter it, but some will give an error screen, so rather leave it out. It’s simply

    Second, there is already a blog at so you won’t be able to register it. It doesn’t seem to be active, so you could try leaving a comment asking the owner to transfer it to you, but they might not want to or they might not even get your comment. But either way, that’s the only way you can potentially get that URL. Staff will not transfer it to you, even if that blog is no longer active.

    However, there’s an endless amount of URLs available and I’m sure you’ll come up with another one that could serve your needs. Instructions on changing your blog address is here:

    Please make sure you read the support doc and all instructions and warnings carefully as this process cannot be reversed.

    When prompted whether you’d like to keep the old URL or delete it, consider keeping it as deleted URLs can never be recovered:

    Rather, set the old address to private, and then you can either use it as a test blog to try out new themes and widgets, etc., or you can use it as a backup to your regular blog by periodically importing content to it.


    Thanks for your advice, Kokkieh, it worked well.

    Now how do I change the picture on the home page and enable it to alternate?





    You can upload a custom header image under Appearance ->Header. If you want the image to alternate, upload multiple images and select the option to display a random image. Note that the prescribed size for the custom header varies from theme to theme, so check your theme’s documentation if the size doesn’t appear on the Headers page:

    I also notice your username is still pointing at the old blog address. To update that, go to Users ->Personal Settings. Find the Account Settings section and insert the new blog’s URL where it says “Website”. That way people will be able to find your blog by clicking on your username when you comment.


    Thanks, Kokkieh – much appreciated



    Note also there is a step by step learn blogging tutorial prepared by Staff linked to on the bottom of your Admin page.

    All support docs are at this link



    When I try to “choose documents” to “Insert Media”, nothings happens – no response, no docs.; normally I have no problem to do this. Is this unusual? I have restarted my computer a few times, but still no change.

    Can you help, please?




    Have you gone through yet? If so, what KIND of file are you trying to upload?


    I am trying to load a pdf. File, as always in the past I had no problem to do so; I will visit the site ; I was unaware of its existence.




    My wordpress account again does not respond when I try to upload Media by choosing a document – the doc. folder does not open for me to choose the doc. It is the 2nd time this has happened.



    This might be related to an issue others are having with uploading image files. Please work through this thread: and then post in this thread being monitored by staff if it seems like the same problem you’re having:


    Thanks, using Google Chrome solved the problem



    I’m glad to hear that. You can subscribe to the threads I linked above if you want to be notified if and when the IE issue gets fixed.

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