change name / website url (tipping error)

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    Hello :)

    While creating our wordpressblog, we made a tipping error.

    The url should be ‘’ instead of ‘’.

    Is it possible to change it again?
    Thank you very much for your help and attention!

    Best regards


    The blog I need help with is



    Hey there, I’ve added modlook tag to this thread. Someone from the team will look into this.


    Thank you tony!



    Hi @strictlyintime, are you able to log in as the user that bought the upgrade? It’s under another account. If you’ll log in as that owner, you should be able to add the other domain.

    You won’t be able to cancel the old domain for a refund because it’s been registered for much longer than 48 hours — typically folks will notice and fix mistakes within that timeframe.

    But if you add the correct domain, you can keep both, make the correct one primary, and then get rid of the bad one just before it expires next year. That way anyone who was using the bad domain will get redirected to the right one for a while, and will hopefully correct their bookmarks / links / etc.

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