Change of blog name not displaying in My blogs dashboard

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    Change of blog name not displaying in My Blogs dashboard: Hi, I have just created a WordPress account. I am new so forgive me if I’m not using the right lingo to describe the issue!

    I played around with blog names for my primary blog ( and while now the name I picked (Ginger and cinnamon) displays correctly at the above address, the MyBlogs dashboard is stuck on one of the temporary names I tried and I don’t seem able to correct that. I cleared cache and cookies to make sure it was not a temporarily glitch but it didn’t work and I have run out of ideas. It’s only a small detail, but I would like the tools to reflect the name for consistency. I am using an updated version of Chrome.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    The blog I need help with is


    Hi, Francesca. Did you change the blog’s name in your Dashboard in Settings > General?




    I think I´m in the same situation. On my account page it says that my webaddress is:
    But when I use that address I end up at a page that says: doesn’t exist. How can I make sure that this is my address?
    I also want to change the user name back to ohmm that I had before. Why isent this possible?


    Maria, you’re having a separate issue. Please post it in a separate thread.



    And I can see now that my name here is mariaohm but I have picked ohm to display name publicly.



    ok, thanks


    Thanks andrewcpht for getting back to me.

    I followed your instructions, went to check Settings > General and it looked I had changed it correctly. Went back to check My Blogs and everything now seems fine. I am not sure what fixed the situation, but it’s now fixed!
    Thanks again for the fast turn around time!

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