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Change of format with presentation ?

  1. When I changed the theme, the original text appears much larger than what it used to be in all the posts. Since it is not possible to edit all the posts, is there a way out of this. It looks a little strange. Isn't the same format preserved irrespective of the change in theme?

  2. No, each theme designer not only may have different sizes specific to their theme, but also how the size is coded in the Style Sheet.

  3. Thanks for replying.

    Does this imply that if you choose one theme, you are married to it for life? I had to change my theme today when the main content and the sidebar started overlapping. When I did that, the text started showing different font sizes and lines were showing double spaces at some places. There must be a way out?

  4. I flip through themes all the time myself. One hte install of WP I use for my hosting clients, we have installed something like 55 different themes. Clients usually flip through them for about a month until settling down.

    The staff made mention that CSS will be editable sometime in the future. The CSS files we are currently using are stored in a shared environment. If changes were made to them, they would show up across the board on everybody's site.

    Hope this helps,

  5. The staff made mention that CSS will be editable sometime in the future.

    Oh geeesh!

    It's a good thing, but...

    Looks like myself and you may get awful busy answering CSS queries. Oh Joy.

  6. I would imagine (and hope!) that the CSS editor will be a form like livejournal has, letting people pick their own link colours and so on, rather than a textarea with the raw CSS. Requiring people to learn CSS in order to customise their templates would be in complete contradiction to's stated aims.

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