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    Hi I would like to use one of my old passwords. Is there any way of doing it. I like to keep the same password for all my accounts. Please do assist. Thanks



    No, and that’s the worst idea ever. Every site you have online ought to have a unique password, so if a hacker hacks one account he cannot hack every account you have. Please read:


    I understand but should I still want to have that same password, can I just delete my whole wordpress account and restart all over. I’m ok to do that cos I have not started on any blog posting yet. Question is can I still sign up new from scratch with the same said email address?


    Hello studiogalleria!

    I would like to reinforce what @timethief said. It isn’t recommended having the same password across different services.

    Your password is linked to your user, if you create a new one you will be able to use the password you want. If you want to use the same email, you need to change the email from this account (username studiogalleria) to be able to create a new user with your email, since you can’t delete an account. Here is more information that can be useful:

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