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Change of theme, widgets show in dashboard but not on blog

  1. Hello!

    I changed themes from "Garland" to "Redoable Lite".

    In my dashboard, the first entry page displays "Theme Redoable Lite with 16 Widgets". When I enter the widgets part of the dashboard and choose to display "show used widgets", I have a long list of widgets, each in their own grey box with no ability to drag and drop or choose Add or Edit. Included in this list of greyed out widgets are the Meta, Calendar, Recent Comments, Archives, Recent Posts and Search widgets. On the left side, there remains a constant list of 5 widgets (text, pages, categories, rss, text) that are visible on the blog.

    After reading the FAQ and forum posts, I've hit the "Save Changes" on the widgets page. I've logged out and logged back in.

    Question: Can I activate the grey boxed widgets? I really love the search and the archives features.

    Thanks for any help you can send my way

  2. Oops - I mean the RIGHT side, there remains a constant list of 5 widgets. My apologies.

  3. Log out, clear your cache and cookies, close your browser and restart.

  4. I was using Firefox. I cleared private data which clears cache and cookies, closed the browser and restarted with the same problem.

    I closed Firefox and opened Internet Explorer, cleared the cache and have the same problem with that browser as well.

    I'll reboot, maybe that will help?

  5. Rebooting didn't help either. I tried to revert back to Garland however the widgets are now displaying the same way in the dashboard there as well.

    Any suggestions?

  6. My widgets do not show up on one of my blogs even though they do show up on my other blogs which have the same theme. The widget column is blank except for what appears to be a very tiny "smiley face" in script at the very top. How do I make them re-appear? I have tried to add a widget, save, and then check for their appearance, but new widgets don't appear either. I can't figure out why it is happening on just one of my three blogs??

  7. Neither blogstas nor flickr photos are showing in my sidebar. The dashboard widget page says I have 8 widgets installed (including those 2) but the widget editing section on the right says I have none!
    I, too, had just changed theme (to Quentin).

  8. I just tried adding a drop-down categories box. That worked. It said I had one widget and it was right; the other 6 had disappeared from the blog (but still not available to add). I removed that box and it's all back to where I was 10 minutes ago. 8 widgets showing as added (so not available to add), 6 actually on the page and none available to edit.

  9. I got my widgets back by checking on the HTML language placement of "more pages." I apparently had it inside of other HTML language and had to move it. I checked the frequently asked questions pages to get my initial idea of what to do. Sorry I can't be clearer, but I really don't know that much about HTML programming. I generally just copy and paste it where I needed it having only a rough idea of what I am doing.

  10. I'm having the same problem - I changed my theme (from Tarski to MistyLook), and when I went to edit my Widgets, the column on the right says, "You are using 0 widgets in the sidebar."

    If I go under "Available Widgets" and choose "Show Used Widgets," it lists the seven widgets I had running previously, but they're all grayed out - it won't let me add/remove/edit them in any way. And the column on the right still says I'm using zero widgets.

    If I visit the site, there are five widgets running, but they're different from the seven that were running before my theme change, and I can't add/remove/edit some of them, either.

    Just to test what would happen, I added the widget. The column on the right-hand side of the Widgets page said I was using one widget instead of zero, but when I visited the site again, there were no widgets displayed at all, even the one. I removed the widget again, refreshed the site, and the previous five were back.

    In summary: I'm pretty confused. Any help would be appreciated.

  11. Check that - jcl10 solved the problem in another thread. For anyone with the same problem, here's what he figured out:

    Switch back to the theme you were using when you originally added your widgets. Remove all of them, and click Save Changes.

    Then switch themes, and add the widgets again. Worked for him, worked for me. Hopefully works for anyone else.

  12. platecaptain, I have the exact same problem, but I can't switch back to my old theme, because it is not avaiable anymore.

    Any suggestions?

  13. Forget that. I must have gotten temporary blindness. It's right there, I just missed it because I was using a different color set.

    It worked like a charm.

    Thanks, platecaptain!

  14. I'm having the same problem, and I've tried going back to my old theme (Hemingway) and removing all my widgets. But it's still all screwed up. It's showing all my widgets on my blog, but I don't like their order. But when I go to the Widgets page, it keeps telling me I'm using 0 widgets, and the ones I'm actually using I'm not able to drag. This is really irritating me...I've had nothing but problems with WP all day! Can someone help?

    My blog:

  15. @barnaby55: Hemingway has its own set of special widgets, so I don't think going back to it is any good. Have you tried adding a widget and/or saving changes?

  16. Yes, I've tried that. Nothing seems to work. I've logged in and out, cleared my cache, but nothing works!

  17. This is starting to really make me mad, and I'm considering going back to Blogger. Now, my dashboard says I'm using 10 widgets, my widgets page says I'm using 0, and my blog shows only 3. What is going on? I went to one of my other blogs and changed the theme, and nothing happened, and my widgets page for that is fine. If this isn't fixed today, I'm deleting the blog.

  18. Hi guys - I'm so so sorry to have taken a bit of time to see this thread - as you've rightly spotted we've got a bug with widgets rearing its ugly head when you change themes... We're aware of it and working to fix it asap.

  19. Thanks, hanni! Sorry for being so frustrated! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one dealing with this. I appreciate the staff's hard work!

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