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  1. giantarmadillo

    HI all

    I want to change my theme but I am petrified I will lost all my widgets. Any ideas on what i can do to make sure I dont lose them?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You don't lose any content when you change theme. If the new theme has a similar structure, the widgets will remain in place. If not, they will become inactive: you go to Appearance > Widgets and drag them back from Inactive to Sidebar.
    If you want to be extra cautious, then before changing theme open your text widgets and copypaste their content into a text file, just in case.

  3. giantarmadillo

    Thank u so much. All is good

  4. I am a theme change addict. I decide, almost daily to change my theme and do so. I have never had a problem yet.

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