Change of Title problems….

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    I changed the title of my blog yesterday, it all went smoothly. Now the problem comes in when I ping Technorati. It doesn’t see the title change and it doesn’t recognize the new posts. The last post Technorati sees is from 4 days ago, but I’ve updated my blog with 7 new posts since then.

    Google search also does not take the change into account.

    Any ideas on how to resolve this? I’ll appreciate any input… kinda new to the wordpress software.

    Oh… I know I can just change the title back and that might solve the problem, but I’d like to keep the new one. Many thanks in advance :)



    Resolved! At least for technorati. I need to delete my blog claim and then claim it again. If anyone else has had this problem, you may need to wait a bit before doing this. I tried this last night and it didn’t work. Tried it 5 minutes ago and it did.

    Now to see whats up with google.



    It’ll take awhile for Google to see it. Their spiders only visit every so often.



    I wanted to know how do I change my blog title from stories and poems to Alicia’s Blog

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