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    I think I have done something very stupid (and irrevocable). I changed my username, but now realise that all the pages of my blog listed on Google will remain under my old URL. When clicked on, they take the viewer to a message which says I have deleted my blog (I haven’t). I know, I’m stupid (did I mention that).

    Do I need to re-register the new URL with the search engines? (I don’t think it’s possible to return to the old username.)

    Thank you for any help/advice re. my disastrous blogging day.


    The blog I need help with is



    I’m so sorry I can’t help with this. Hopefully another Volunteer or Staff will have a solution for you.


    Thanks, timethief, I appreciate your taking the time to say so. Mea culpa (I just wanted to remove my surname from the username. Forgot all about the pesky URL stuff). *sobs quietly in corner*



    I got a lump in my throat when I read this thread. I believe that all your indexed posts will have to be re-indexed by the search engines


    Thank you timethief — I do appreciate your concern; it’s very kind of you. I suspected I might have to resubmit the new URL to the search engines. I’ve contacted support and will let you know what they say. I’ll now read the link you’ve supplied. Many thanks.x


    Hi, TT

    As promised, an update:

    I’ve now heard back from staff and can confirm that I was very stupid and did indeed do something irrevocable. By changing my username I, in effect, ‘deleted’ my blog. (Although it’s still all there.)

    Soooooooo…. I’ve had to verify the new URL with the search engines, and will just have to wait for everything to be indexed again. *sigh*

    (My old URL no longer works on people’s blogrolls either.)

    Live and learn!

    Thanks again for your concern and help.



    I will change my link to your blog. I’m so sorry this happened to you. I do hope Staff include a warning on the support documentation entry because I suspect this will be problematic for others too. :(


    Thanks, TT

    Mea culpa, but I agree that the documentation should be clearer. Support said the following to me re. this:

    I’m sorry to say, but as far as I can tell, you deleted this blog during the name change process. Unfortunately, deleted blogs cannot be restored. There are several notices about this during the process.

    But there aren’t ‘several notices’ when changing your username – no mention is made of ‘deleting’ your blog when going through the steps. In the support documentation ( it just says:

    URLs for other services such as Gravatar and IntenseDebate may be affected.

    The option I chose when changing my username gives no warning about the catastrophe that then ensues:

    (◦Selecting “Change to match my new username and discard the old address” will change the address of your current blog. If your new user name is newusername, your blog’s address will be changed to

    I think I should have chosen the following option:

    ◦Selecting “No matching blog address” will just change your username and leave the address of your blog alone.

    As I say, mea culpa. But non-technical people (i.e. me) would appreciate a few danger signs in flashing neon.



    Yes, I do think that would be a very easy thing for someone to do accidentally! I hope that they make it clearer that changing your username will change the blogname irrevocably unless you select that option “No matching blog address” (which doesn’t seem clear to me).

    I hope you’re indexed quickly!



    Thank you to you too, for all your support (above and beyond the call of duty!).



    I flagged this thread for Staff attention and suggested support documentation be enhanced.


    Thanks, TT.

    Btw – forgot to mention that as well as everything else, I had to reinstall feedjit using the new url. Ho hum. And update my Twitter account…and so it goes on.

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