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    Ok, so I have read half a dozen times that you can’t delete your account. I whole-heartedly understand that. Here is my situation, I accidentally used the wrong username. I can not create a new account, as the email I use is now in use. If I just change the name of the blog, which would work, only when I make a post, it shows the wrong name in the “posted on such and such date” area. Any thoughts? Can I change my username?



    Change your email in your current account to another email address. It has to be a valid email address. Please no fudge addresses.

    Then create a new account with your main address. Validate the account and log out.

    Log in with the old account and go to the Users page of your Dashboard.

    Invite yourself to the blog by using your main email address (the one associated with your new account)

    Make sure that your new account is set as Administrator. Log out.

    Log back in to your blog with the new username. Go to Users and delete your old username.

    This should work, but I don’t know if it is 100% kosher. Someone correct me if I have accidentally suggested something wrong here. Thanks!


    Go to your profile in your dashboard users > your profile and put in a new nickname, then click “update profile” then from the drop down menu select the new “nickname” and from then on your comments while logged in will show that name, as will the posts on your blog.



    DUH! Why did I have to think of the hard way to do it?


    Your way works as well, so they have two different choices.



    Sacredpath, I have two blogs here on WordPress, and
    My first blog was xtap59 and I added lotgk later. My xtap59 blog is a test blog only, no content, and my lotgk blog is my content blog.

    However, if you notice, my name in the forums is xtap59 even though I have changed everything to lotgk, nickname, main blog, etc.

    I asked support about it, even asked if I deleted my xtap59 blog. They said if i delete that blog than my lotgk blog will also be deleted.

    So i believe you have to live with it.



    And regardless of whatever nickname you create to use on your blog Posts, even if you have a *kof* few blogs on, in the forums you will still be identified by the username you signed up with. I really wish The Powers That Be would note that on the sign-up page.

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