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change of web address

  1. I know that you can't change the web link name. But I was wondering if I create a new wordpress address and import it to the new one will I get the articles in the same date? or is there a way around it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We can't help without a l ink to the blog, starting with http.

  3. Yes, I'm fairly sure you will.

  4. It completely depends.

  5. But wpa is only interested in popping up wherever he can.

  6. I think he's better-intentioned than that, and useful. But he does need to learn the "get the URL first, save hours of time and effort" thing.

  7. a) Hopefully. b) Right. So far he has repeatedly jumped in with a reply after you or me or someone else has asked for the link, so it seems to me he's ignoring it deliberately. (Remember Lora?)

  8. I see when someone's asked.

    But for a question like this, I didn't think It would matter - In their post they stated that their theme supported the dates. So I'm assuming they will pick the same theme - and hopefully WordPress imports them.

  9. It ALWAYS matters. If it's a blog, this is configurable. If it's, it may or may not be.

    IT will save you so much time if you teach people to give a link right away. I've seen DAYS wasted.

  10. @wpadvanced

    If they don't provide a link please ask for it before helping that's the way this forum is ran

    P.s. in case you ask I already have access to the links since I'm a moderator here on the forums so sometimes I won't ask because I already know they're in the right forum.

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