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Change or hide theme name: How?

  1. I have extensively modified an existing theme, so it no longer remotely resembles the original. How do I a) get rid of "Theme (whatever) by (So-and-so)" or failing that, b) adding "modified by (me)" in the footer? If I do a <display:none;> it gets rid of all the text, including the "Blog at" which I believe I'm obligated to display.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. A) is very bad form. You might have done some styling but the theme wouldn't function without its creator.

    B) Can we have a link to the modified one please? I'm seeing Contempt at the one linked to your name.

  3. Try it again, ellaella. You may have caught it between attempts at changes. BTW, I was able to figure out how to append (prepend?) some text noting the modifications and giving credit to the original designer:

    #footer p:before {
    content:"Re-imagined by Orin O'Neill — based on the ";

    Thanks for responding.

  4. That looks good, orino. I very much like the choice of "re-imagined."

    I added a simple phrase to my footer that I styled the theme, just as a way of saying to people, "If you don't like the way it looks, blame me, not the theme author."

    Happy blogging!

  5. I think that's an excellent workaround. Very professional. The internet always pays back people who give credit to other people.

    Speaking of which, I just passed your blog on to a scooting friend of mine.

  6. I was also wondering how to do something like orino did. I've tweaked a theme (PressRow) and would like to be able to note that in the footer (I really like the "re-imagined" idea).

    However, I have no idea how to go about doing it. Any suggestions? I admit to being a bit of a noob here.

  7. Here's how I did it:

    #footer p:before {
    content:"Re-imagined by Orin O'Neill — based on the ";

    "#footer" is the ID of the DIV that contains the text, "p" is the paragraph tag, :before is the psuedo-class (if you want to add text to the end, you'd use ":after"). You need to specify text with the ID, otherwise you'd precede or append the text to everything with a "p" tag.

  8. Nice!

    You might, however, want to note that this doesn't work with IE.
    (It's fine with FF and Chrome though)

  9. Yes, IE cannot even say the words "psuedo-class." I should say though that I'm not sure about IE8, by IE7 and earlier, no habla psuedo-class.

  10. It works in IE8. Text generally looks much better, too.

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