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    Is there a way to change the order of posts withing a category so that the new posts appear at the bottom of the page?

    The blog I need help with is



    I am not clear on what you are asking. I am clear on what follows. If you assign a category to a post a category link appears at the bottom of the post and when a reader clicks that category link all posts with that category assigned to it become available to them.

    Go to
    Scroll to the bottom of the post and locate this Category link:
    Category: Genesis


    If you go into the category Genesis, the post Abram – The Times appears at the top of the page, being the newest. Since this is an ongoing exegesis, I would prefer that the newest appear at the bottom, so that people going into it would read it like a single paper, from top to bottom.



    That’s not possible. Blogs are essentially a reverse chronological order publishing tool wherein the most recent published post will display on top. You cannot change this order on a free hosted blog. It’s designed to serve your visitors as they come to read the most recent posts and will not be inclined to trawl through hundreds of posts to locate it.

    See here for the option of creating a book-like structure > Perhaps that will work for you.

    Or you could use a single sticky post as an index page >

    Or you can falsify every date-stamp before publishing.


    Okay, thanks.



    You’re welcome. If would like to make another suggestion.The theme you use displays full posts on Categories pages ie. the same display that’s on the front page of the blog. That means that clicking a category link is going to result in a very slow page loading time.

    I recommend inserting “the more tag” into each and every post. Alternatively I recommend switching to using a theme that automatically displays excerpts on the front page and categories pages.


    I looked into doing it in a book style, everything I read was based on starting fresh. Is there a way to incorporated this into an existing blog? IOW, how would I move each post into a new page as the book format requires? Sent from my iPad


    Timethief, do you know of any blogs using the book layout?



    I’m sorry but no I don’t know of any blogs using that structure. There is no automatic way to set it up. You have to construct it manually.


    Okay. Thanks.


    I’m really sorry about hitting you so hard, hopefully this is the last question. Since I will be moving things around to get them into the new structure, is there a way, when I do a publish, not to send a notice out to those who are following the blog?



    When you publish a new post it appears in the RSS Feed and is sent to subscribers. There’s no way to prevent that.


    timethief, I have almost finished, just one matter left. In the header area, on the right, are buttons that lead to the different chapters. Is there a way to turn this feature off? I’ve gone through the Dashboard, but nothing seems, to me, to talk about these buttons.



    If you create a custom menu then you can include exactly what you want to display in it, or you can create a custom menu with nothing at all in it so nothing will display there.
    Go to Appearance > Menus, click the plus sign to create a menu, type a name for it, click Create Menu, don’t add anything to it, click Save Menu, select that menu from the upper pulldown in the Theme Locations module, click Save.


    I am not finding the Theme Locations module, can you tell me where it’s located?



    Go to Appearance > Menus
    Edit Menus | Manage Locations


    Thanks! I really wish there was something I could do for you, you’ve been helpful beyond expectations.



    Not to worry. All Volunteers are here because we like helping. Happy blogging!

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