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    I have already asked a number of people about my question above and the provided me with:

    widget_pages {
    font-family:times new roman;
    } but it didn’t work.

    Please help

    my page os

    I would like to change the page title (once i opne the page: example: in english, in arabic, contact me, home etc…)

    The blog I need help with is


    The page and post titles are using the .post h2 class in the CSS.

    If you only want to change the titles for posts and pages, my suggestion is to add a font-family declaration to that class as below (add the following to your CSS and edit the fonts).

    .post h2 {
    font-family:'Trebuchet MS','Lucida Grande',Verdana,Arial,Sans-Serif;


    Didn’t work…. :S

    any other code?



    For pages you’d want to use:

    .page h2 {font-family:"times new roman";}



    Didn’t work.. Why? I have tried so many codes and nothing is working.


    I just added

    .post h2 {
    font-family:"times new roman";

    to your blog using Firebug and the font changed for page titles.

    Perhaps you could clarify. The above changes the font for the page titles in the content area (above the page content and below the header area. Is that what you want to change or are you wanting to change the font in the sidebar page widget?



    Yes, that is what I want. But I have tried the codes above and none work. For instance the words “Contact Me”, “In English”..etc that is below the header and above the content, thats what I need to change but it is not working.

    Just to add, the original theme am using is NEAT theme.

    Any help?


    This works. Try the code below again. I added the “!important” attribute just in case the another selector was overriding it.

    .post h2 {
    font-family:"times new roman" !important;

    Are you using the “preview” function for looking at the changes? If so, there have been issues with the preview function and sometimes you have to actually force refresh the preview page to see the changes.


    And actually the solution by hallluke works as well. Again it might be the preview function misbehaving, or as I said there could have been another selector overriding it.



    it works actually. I guess the preview was misbehaving.

    But now I have another question (last question). How can I change the font size for the script to the right? As in Twitter Follow me, the tweets, the page names etc…



    I thought that the preview thing might be the issue. To change the font size of the stuff in the sidebar, add this and then adjust the font size percentage as desired.

    #sidebar {


    Excellent. It is all looking good.

    To be honest I have two more questions: and am done:

    1) In the same webpage, how can I change the font of the TWITTER TITLE widget? As in “Follow me LIVE” in my case?

    2) How can I change the font of the content of my pages. (The content of what is written in the page itself).

    Many thanks.



    These two lines should help, obviously you can choose multiple, different fonts to try and load, just insert them as a comma-separated list.

    .widget_twitter h2 a {font-family:times,serif;}
    .entrytext {font-family:courier,serif;}

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