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    As you can see on my site here, There is a space after every paragraph. I don’t want this. However, I can’t find in my CSS where to change it. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is


    This will do it.

    .hentry p {
    margin: 0;

    Not a good move from a page layout and readability perspective. Why not just write everything in one single paragraph?




    I hate paragraphs that run together – I like white space to make it easier to read



    Well I guess my concern is that my posts are so lengthy. If I get rid of that space they’ll shorten a bit. Is there a space limit on wordpress or can you post an infinite amount of stuff?



    I guess there is some sort of limit to how long a Post can be but I would think it is in the million words area.

    You can use the More Tag to only show part of a Post on the front page

    Then you visitors can still see what you have written but only choose to view the whole Post for those they are most interested in. Some people and news sites have most or all of the most recent Post showing and use the More Tag on the rest of the Posts to make it easier for people to page down and see what you have written.


    Wait, so do you know how to make it so that only the most recent post is shown in full length and the older posts only show a portion of the content?



    Some Themes do it automatically but that is too much work (and I did not like the Themes anyway) so I just insert the Read More Tag using the instructions in the link I gave you above – quick and easy.

    I use Read More on all of my Post all the time, makes the front page load quicker and if you are not looking for my latest Post it is easy to just page down.

    Good luck – cookies looked great!


    Thank you for the link! And for the cookie comment haha. I appreciate it!



    You be welcome & good luck!



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