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    Is there any easy way to change password on multiply password protected posts?

    The best would be that there is one place there i can set a password to use for password protected post.
    So i just need to change it at one place. So i don’t need to change it in every post.


    On the posts > all posts page in the dashboard, use the bulk edit feature.



    I don’t know if that is right place or if i just don’t find it.

    I can’t find where i can change the password. Only to set the posts to private.


    Oops, my bad. You can use the quick edit function which will be quicker than opening each in the post editor, but I guess I was wrong and you cannot bulk edit passwords on posts.



    That’s what i have find out.
    I have many posts and it take a very long time to edit one post at the time.

    I am thinking to create a simple plugin for it. Is it possible?
    Or can i just create a simple script that can connect to your db to edit it in db?
    I think it is a good function.



    There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install individual plugins into them. They are only for self-hosted installs.


    i would like to change my password. what do i do?thank you


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    users—>personal settings—>scroll down to “Account Details”—>type in new password in the box labelled “website”—>Save

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