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    ???Your message wasn’t delivered to (email redacted) because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.
    Why am I having such trouble tracking down an answer from you, WordPress?
    My prior submission repeated:

    I see no way to call your office to solve my problem. I find no menu showing my payment setup.

    This is a FORUM, isn’t it? The header says ‘Contact us’. Is this users kind enough to answer me, or is this someone at WordPress whose job is to answer our questions?


    Yes you’ve reached the support forum for free sites. If you have an upgraded plan you have access to email and Livechat support. Can you confirm the address of the site you need help with and more details of what are the issues you are facing?



    Hi there, you have many options:

    Phone support is not offered on so you cannot call Live chat and email is available to those with a plan. However, rarely does an issue go unresolved in this forum, especially since staff attention can be requested by adding the “modlook” tab.

    Could you please clarify what you’re intending to do? Bare in mind these forums are for issues and questions relating to websites or blogs.

    You can learn how to change credit card details here:

    Thanks! :)



    @richardjunker41, staff here. Just to clarify, are you having trouble with this account, which you just created this month? Or are you working on payment issues for an older account?

    I ask because we haven’t sent emails from the address you mentioned for some time. If you have another account, can you log out, then log in using that email address — the same one that received that email?

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