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    I set up my permalink to be /date/title, but I want to change that to just /title. When I make that change, all of my previous posts give me an error 404. I’m trying to figure out how I can change the URL for all of my previous posts to fit the new format so that all posts (new and old) can be found. When I look at the slug associated with my posts the date doesn’t appear (just the name) so I can’t edit it out there. Any ideas?



    You can use the forum search box while you waiting for staff to get to your question. I could be wrong but I think what you may find is that you cannot change your permalink.



    Yes, I did search before posting. The only question close to this one had a specific angle to the change they wanted to make and it wasn’t clear if what they wanted to do wasn’t possible or if you simply can’t change permalink at all (under any circumstances) once you’ve already set it. Maybe I should submit this as a feature or mod request.



    Actually last time I checked, we can’t change the permalink structure here at You must be talking about the downloadable version of WordPress. If so, you need to be over at as it’s different software.

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