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change permalinks, fix endless redirect loop

  1. First, I have an already existing domain name registered with a hosting company. Second, I built my entire blog on with the temporary wordpress title. I wanted my final website permalinks to reflect the domain name, of course. But when I paid my mapping upgrade, requested my hosting company to point the domain name to, and then checked the box to reflect the new primary domain, the screen turned white and gave me the "endless redirect loop" message. What should I do to fix this situation?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What should I do to fix this situation?

    for starters we need the full URL address / domain name you need help with before we can even guess at how to help you

  3. My previously existing domain name is (registered with GoDaddy). My free site is
    (Yes! Kinda confusing!) If I select my new mapped domain as the primary domain, the screen goes white and features the "infinite redirect loop message". Do I just need to wait 24 hours for propogation or am I doing something wrong? I requested to GoDaddy that nameservers to point to my wordpress blog. Hmmm. Thank you for any help.

  4. It looks like the name servers are not pointing to WordPress.COM

    Are you using email with your custom domain name? if so you will need to make arrangement for that - several options - some cost some are no cost Nameservers

    Although has been registered, it is not using nameservers. If your domain is mapped to a self-hosted site, then your configuration may be fine as currently set up. If you wish to host your site at, you will need to update your nameservers as outlined below.

    To learn about how to correctly map an existing domain, please see our documentation. If you're not sure whether you own this domain or not, the WHOIS database record may help you out.

  5. Hello auxclass, thank you for your help! It turns out that GoDaddy had an extra 'forwarding' option checked; this prevented it from pointing to the WordPress nameservers. Problem solved, thank you.

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