Change positions of pictures once they’ve become a “gallery”

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    I’m getting used to the new dashboard design, and quite like the feature that allows me to upload many pictures at once before inserting them into the post. Today, after I published one post, I found out that I have missed a picture, so I edited the post and added it on. The new picture, understandably, stayed at the end of the post. However, I wanted it to be in the middle and realized that there’s no way I could do it. Is there a method to rearrange the order of the pictures once they’re in the “gallery”? Or is the only way to do so is to update it one by one? Please help, thanks a lot.


    Hi! I gave it a try just now. Try doing a drag-and-drop on the picture.



    I understand how you can move the entire gallery relative to the rest of the post. I would love to be able to arrange the photos within the gallery.



    @tropicaljeepney-drag and drop from where? What screen?


    In your Write Post window (where you actually type in your entry and where you can also see the pictures you included). For example, your picture is at the end part, you just drag it upwards to place it somewhere in the middle of your blog entry. I hope this helps.



    @tropicaljeepney-Thanks for coming back and posting. While that will work for a regular image, it doesn’t work for images that are uploaded as a part of a Gallery. The only thing you will see in your post is the code “[gallery]” which doesn’t show images to move around.

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