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    Hi. I am trying to post date a bunch of articles for a blog I am helping to work on. The “edit” button does not work when clicked to edit post date. Anyone have any clue how to make this work? If I can’t make this work can I somehow leave out the date completely?

    Thanks ahead of time for any input.

    The blog I need help with is



    Please clarify why you want to do this? If your posts have already been indexed by search engines like Google I advise you not to change any dates. the reason for this is clear. The post URLs contain the dates and if you change them then what you will do is create broken URLs. So if those URLs are found in search engine results and clicked what the people clicking them will experience is a “404” page not found.




    If you are trying to schedule a post and the Edit button is not working, try clearing your cache memory and deleting your cookies.

    And this is the support doc for scheduling a post, in case it’s what you’re trying to do.



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    good catch. I missed “post date”. Thanks for spotting my error.

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