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    Right now, if someone has more than one blog, the situation seems to be as follows:
    among the existing blogs the one that was first created is the “primary” blog, meaning this is the one which all the links in the blog bar at the top of the page lead to.

    To the people at Automattic: could you please add an option in some kind of “overview” or “preferences” menu that lets us chose which of our blogs is the primary blog?

    I don’t know how much effort that would be – all I can say is that this is on more factor of the blog administration that rather annoys me.

    I am sorry if this is not writte in a very friendly tone, but I am already so, … well, “angry” is probably the right word – about your blog deletion policy that I am not entirely unbiased rigt now.
    Long post about this topic from me here:



    ” links in the blog bar at the top of the page lead to.”

    is that the blue nav bar that logged in users see? Apart from the “add to blogroll”, the “Dashboard” option when you click it allow you to choose which blog you go to.

    TBH I don’t even use the “add to blogroll”, I prefer to add them manually.


    Yes, that’s the bar that I mean, and yes, I know that the “Dashboard”-option allows me to change to another blog.
    Nevertheless, I would prerfer being able to chose my primary blog.

    On the right side of this bar it says:
    ” Howdy, <username> [Sign Out, My Account] Next Blog ยป “

    The links behind <username>, “Sign Out” and “My Account” all lead to the URL of the primary blog, the blog that is on top of the list under “My Dashboards”, with the other being further indented. And this sequence is somthing that can not be changed right now.



    being able to change the primary blog is a good idea. I would send in a feedback and suggest it. We currently do not have a method to do this here.

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