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change profile picture

  1. tomvangrondelle

    can anyone tell me, how I can change my profile picture?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We need a link to your blog please.

  3. I need help too!!!

  4. yo i need to know how to pute in pics for my blog

  5. Guys, we cannot help you without a link to your blog.

  6. lol i have the same problem :S my link---->

  7. Go to your Dashboard, then to Users->My Profile and on the right-hand side you'll see a place to upload the avatar. Or you can use a Gravatar.

  8. raincoaster, when I go to Dashboard > Users > Your Profile, I cannot see anything which even vaguely has a reference to 'avatar' or 'gravatar'.

    I must be missing something!

  9. lifemagician,

    I don't know why you are not seeing it, but try just going to
    (Be sure you are logged in to your WordPress account)

    Just now I tried from the dashboard and got only a white pop-up box in firefox, but it comes up ok in safari.

  10. 1tess, I am not really interested in a GRavatar. All I want is an avatar.

    I checked out the GRavatar page, and get that ok... but when I go to users > profile, there is nothing which relates to either. Am using IE.

  11. gravatar = avatar

  12. Gravatar is OWNED by Automattic (wordpress) and when you upload an "avatar" you are actually uploading a Gravatar.

    As Tess says, gravatar = avatar = gravatar. There is no difference anymore.

  13. hi, same problem as i'm facing here. there's no column or whatsoever for editing profile pics.

  14. See Tess's first post above.

  15. I know how to change my Gravatar and did it, but sometimes it took such a long time and sometimes it can't upload (usually I uploaded it from my computer). Why is it happening, and are there any connection with the internet? Thanks.

  16. I cant change my profile photo. When i click on Gravatar a window appears that instructs me to close it if id does not do so automatically. Please Help! hahaha

    thank you.

  17. by the way i went to and apparently my e-mail already exists. please link me on Twitter user name is ashkon

  18. TNX raincoaster

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