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    Hi all,

    One (hopefully!) last question on CSS mods for Vigilance for

    I’m trying to get my RSS feed titles to be black, like the rest of my widget titles. The RSS widget automatically makes the title a link, so the color is my link color (green). Strangely, I’ve overridden this for the Twitter widget title with the following code:

    h2.widgettitle a:link {
    color: #000000 !important;

    however, this does not work for the RSS titles. I’ve tried everything under the sun (including that same code with h1 – h6), tried manipulating the #rss-feed code in the Vigilance CSS, and tried various fixes noted for other themes (found by Googling), but nothing has worked. I’m working in IE8 but have also tried this in Firefox.

    The master CSS Stylesheet for Vigilance is here:

    Any ideas? Thanks much in advance for any advice.


    The blog I need help with is


    This is what you have to add to your CSS

    li.sidebox h2 a {


    Thanks so much for the reply, TSP. Worked once I cleared the cache – huzzah!


    You’re welcome. I’m not sure if the preview thing is due to something at wordpress, or perhaps something to do with current versions of browsers. It seems that even Safari now holds onto and uses cached files tenaciously.

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