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Change search bar button to an image or make it invisible?

  1. Is there anyway to change the search bar button to an image or just make it invisible? :/

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There is. But you have to have a CSS upgrade.

  3. ...and good knowledge about CSS.

  4. Well I have the css upgrade... I just need the 'good knowledge about css' lol. I'v been messing wih firebug, it helps a LOT, made some changes, but in this case I really don't have a clue D`:

  5. Are you talking about the search bar button in the gray bar at the top of your blog?

    If so, only people who are logged into wordpress would see that. It is their admin bar. Any visitor that comes to your blog that is not logged into a wordpress account would not see that.

  6. no, it's that blog search bar on the right sidebar under the calendar. :P

  7. You've got some serious issues. The calendar and search box are pushed way off to the left down below your posts. I can only see a sliver of the right side of them.

  8. yup I'm adjusting it right now... XD

  9. well Ill change to another theme so you guys can see, but it's the default search box I want to change the search button to something else (image) or just make it invisible. :)

  10. If you make it invisible there is a chance the search box will not work at all. It depends on whether a "return" from within the search box will activate the search.

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