Change Search Box Colour / Positioning (using Structure theme)

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    I’m looking to change up the colour, at the very least, of my search box. I just upgraded so I could edit the colours / fonts of my blog, and while I love the new yellow accents I added in, I don’t love the yellow search box that was changed at the same time. Any insight on the CSS I could use to change the search box colour would be great…

    …also if anyone has any ideas on how I can move it’s position so it’s not interfering with my header, that would be amazing.

    The blog I need help with is


    I checked and I found that you used the Structure theme options to hide the header items such as the search form and navigation items. If you would still like help with the colors for that search box, please reply back here and mark the thread as “not resolved.”

    I also noticed the current main image might look a little nicer if you remove the bottom padding. Here’s some CSS you can try out on your Appearance → Themes → CSS editor:

    #homepagetop {
    	padding-bottom: 0;

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