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    How would I go about changing the column dividers/borders located within the sidebar of the DePo Masthead theme?

    The blog I need help with is



    Just to specify, I would like to move the dividers out/make them wider.


    That is done as a background image in #sidebar that repeats in the “y” direction.



    Thanks, thesacredpath. But, I tried that and it only allows me to change the entire width of the sidebar, not the width or spacing between the interior column dividers. Any other ideas perhaps?


    The column dividers are an image. They are not border lines defined in the CSS. See the image I referenced above. It is done with a repeat-y. If you want to change the spacing or the width of the lines, you have to create a new image with the changes you want. Then you will have to reposition or edit the sizes of the three sidebars to work with the new image.

    You change where the little bits of border are on the image, but leave the overall width of the image the same.



    Great. Thanks again for the help.


    You are welcome.



    How do I go about creating a new image to make changes with respect to the sidebar column dividers?


    You create a new image in an image editing program to match this one, but with your colors.



    Okay. Once I’ve created the image, how do I then get it into the CSS to effect the change?


    You upload it to your media library, get the URL of that image and put it into the #sidebar background declaration in the CSS.

    #sidebar {
    background: url("./images/sidebar-bg.png") repeat-y scroll 0 0 transparent;

    Replace ./images/sidebar-bg.png between the parentheses and double quotes with your complete URL.



    Got it. Thank you so much.


    You are welcome.



    Okay, by following exactly the instructions above I was able to space out the sidebar column dividers to my preference. However, now the stuff inside the sidebar (text widget, rss feed icon, etc.) are not centered within the columns. How can I get the widgets to position themselves properly within the sidebar columns?


    I can’t really help unless I can see the sidebar. The site linked to your username does not have this applied to it.


    In general, you would have to adjust he widths, padding, and margins. Right now they are all under one selector, but their are separate IDs for the three widget areas.


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