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    I changed the width of the entire blog to be wider. Now I want to make the right sidebar area narrower. How??

    The blog I need help with is


    I figured it out. It was under secondary. Now I need to shorten my search box…


    Nice! Any chance you could post the CSS you used to change the widths?

    To shorten the search box to match your other CSS, try this:

    #s {
    	width: 108px !important;

    Thank you! That worked!
    If you go to #page and adjust the width. I have mine at 1200px.
    Let me know if that worked :)


    Adjusting #page works for the overall width, but not for the separate columns. My main reason for asking is to try to make sure all of the questions in the CSS forums have answers posted. :)

    I noticed something else that might help you. If you are new to CSS, the best way to make updates is to select the “Add my CSS” option on the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS page and then just add in small CSS snippets for changes you want to make that are different from the original stylesheet. You would just want to use the original stylesheet as a reference and not copy and paste the entire thing into the CSS editor.


    How do I widen my post section? Changing #content Max-width can narrow it but not wider than how it is…
    There is invisible blockage.


    To change the main column width, you would want to change the container width as well. Here is an example:

    #page {
    	width: 1160px;
    #content {
    	max-width: 870px

    Adjust the numbers to the widths you’d like to use.

    If you change the main column width in CSS, it’s also a good idea to change the limit width setting in the Appearance → Custom Design → CSS settings as well.

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