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    I am using the Triton Lite Theme and I am using the Sticky Notes (great feature!). I was wondering if it would be possible to change the size of it? Instead of being displayed in landscape view I would rather have it in portrait view? I hope my question is clear :) Is this possible?

    The blog I need help with is


    When you say “sticky note” what exactly are you speaking of? The tagline below the site title?



    Yes, sorry that I was not clear. In the Triton Lite Theme you have underneath the site title “sticky notes” which means, the post that you want to be sticky stay there. They are displayed as a large landscape picture instead of the smaller ‘normal’ pictures underneath of the normal posts.
    Now I was wondering if you could change that landscape mode to be in a portrait form? And that next to it the normal post could be displayed?
    I have made a little drawing as I am horrible in explaining things I have a clear mind on :)
    Hope this helps, thank you so much for reading and helping me!
    Take care



    Ok, so I have found the code in CSS to change the size of the sticky note, but the featured picture don’t change with it and also it is still at the head of my page rather than between my other post (see my drawing ;)).
    Anybody here who knows a solution? Thanks so much in advance! :)
    Take care,


    The side of the feature images in the featured post slider is set in the theme PHP script files, and we cannot edit those files. This is a multi-user platform and we all share the same base theme and WordPress core files, so any change by one person would change it for everyone using that theme.



    Thank you so much for your answer! I had no clue about that :) I thought that it would be possible to change it within CSS. Now I know better, thanks a lot for the help!


    Now I was wondering if you could change that landscape mode to be in a portrait form?

    For a possible non-CSS solution to this, can you just try setting the featured images for the sticky posts to be portrait versions of the images?

    I think it will work if I understood your question. :)



    Thanks for the link, but under the Triton Lite Theme it says:

    Featured Post Slider: 950 pixels wide by 270 pixels tall; posts must be Sticky and have a featured thumbnail assigned to them in order to show up here

    So, the size is fixed and can’t be altered by using portrait versions of the image…
    But thanks anyway for helping out :)


    Ah yes, I see what you mean now. You’d need access to the theme’s PHP code in order to do that. You could do it if you switched to



    yes, I was afraid that that would be the case… ;)
    but thanks for helping! I am still wondering whether or not to switch to .org…

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