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change size of tagline font

  1. Is it possible to increase the size of the tagline font?

  2. Not without purchasing the css customization upgrade and maybe not even then because I think it's hardcoded into the theme.

  3. A link to your blog please.


    no www this time!

    It's more of an important flag, than tag.

  5. You're using the theme "White as Milk" and I believe the size of the font in the tagline is hardcoded into the theme.

  6. It is? I don't see it. I'm looking at this:

    <p class="postmetadata">Posted in <a href="" title="View all posts in Interviews" rel="category tag">Interviews</a>,  <a href="" title="View all posts in Film" rel="category tag">Film</a> <strong>|</strong> <!---->  <a href="" title="Comment on Laura Solon - Favourite comedy film">No Comments »</a></p>

    Should be in the CSS file.

    What are we all looking at?

  7. @drmike
    I'm probably an idiot looking in all the wrong places. I have recorded in my notes that in this theme "White As Milk" it's hardcoded. So, I'll leave this to you.

  8. corbomitesolutions

    I have exactly the same problem that I would like to increase the tagline font size, but with the 'Chaotic Soul' theme. Is there any way to do it currently? Or maybe this could be considered as a user option? thx.

  9. You absolutely can't do it without the CSS upgrade. Don't buy that unless you already know how to use CSS, though. There's no hand-holding for learning it, and only a few people in the forum who know what they're doing with it.

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