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change text colour for MistyLook

  1. Please help me,I know virtually nothing about computers... I have a wordpress blog with the Misty Look theme. When you go to custome image header, it says you can change the colour of the text,but no such option is displayed. Why? Have I misunderstood something? I was able to change the header image without a problem.

  2. Can we get a link to your blog, starting with http?

  3. But go easy on me with the computer-lingo,like I said,I know virtually nothing...

  4. While I'm at it, when I change stuff in the visual editor, they just bounce back when I save, and won't appear on the actual blog afterwards. I tried to change text colour and add music, but it wouldn't work. Why is that?

  5. When you change the font colour in your "Custom Image Header" section, it does exactly that; changes the font colour of your header. Therefore, only your blog name and tagline changes.

    I don't understand what you mean by bounce back. What means are you using to add music? And how are you trying to change the text colour?

    Also, you should consider reading the FAQs as they usually provide a quicker solution to your problems.

  6. But my issue was that it was not possible to change the font colour of my header... My means of adding music was the "add music"-button, and the text colour by, well, changing the text colour where it says "change font colour". "Bounce back" means that I'm able to accomplish what I want in the programme, but as I press "save", the changes disappear. I did check the FAQ section, but there was no answer to my question there.
    Which, I just want to clear this up again, was why the theme clearly states that it's possible to change the text colour in the custom header image section, but then no such option is available.

  7. panaghiotisadam

    1. In the "Custom Image Header" editor it says "This is your header image. You can change the text color OR upload and crop a new image". This is a GENERIC note: the first part doesn't apply to MistyLook, in which you can only change the image, not the color of the text.

    2. If your changes in the post editor disappear when you press save, you either have a technical problem (in which case you must contact Support) or you are are atttempting something that produces invalid results. Let's try to clear up the second.

    - To change the color of some text in the visual editor, you highlight it, then click the "Select text color" button (right side) and select the color you wish. After you've done that, the next time you want THE SAME color for some other words or phrases, you highlight them and click left side of button.

    - To have music play in your post, you need mp3s. But you cannot upload mp3s in your blog (via the "Add Audio" button) if you don't have the paid space upgrade. You have to uplod them in an independent file-hosting site, get the direct URLs from there, and paste them in the post with the shortcode for the wp audio player (see the FAQ on that).

  8. Like pana said, the "Add Music" button doesn't work without the space upgrade. You could have found that in the FAQ.

    @pana; you know so much about all these other themes :)

  9. panaghiotisadam

    @lizii: Thanks, but I don't know all that by heart. When I see a question I know I can answer, I usually check the dashboard or whatever it takes to make sure how things are. I also have a file where I save important bits of information.

  10. Alright, well this certainly cleared things up. Thank you panaghiotisadam for your most comprehensive response. I really am a computer-airhead...

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