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Change text in Sight theme

  1. I want to replace a word or two on the blog for example Latest Entries. I worked with HTML before, but with CSS never. I tried several times without success. Thanks

    The blog I need help with is

  2. That's easy to configure, no need to touch HTML or CSS.

    Actually, what you see in the sidebar ("Recent Posts", "Archives", "Categories") are so-called "Widgets", little boxes that you can configure.

    Go into your Dashboard, under Appearance > Widgets. In the Sidebar area on the right, click on "Recent Posts". You will see a title field, where you can enter a new title.

    The same goes for all the other Widgets.

    Here is the support page on Widgets, if you need more information:

  3. Thanks. My question was not clear enough, sorry. What I would like to replace is under the prominent slider on the left side. I want to replace "Leave a comment" and Continue reading » also.

  4. Ok, I see. That's a different thing, those parts are defined by the theme. You cannot edit them freely, but there is a good chance that the theme provides the localization, if you define the language of your site.

    For the language setting, go into Settings > General, and at the bottom you select the language from the long dropdown menu.

    I just tested with Hungarian, and it does work - "Leave a comment" becomes "Hozzászólás most!", for instance.

  5. Yes I got it. I've got it in hungarian, but the hungarian translation is an "official" language, I'd like a personal tone. This why I'm trying to replace it. I worked before in blogspot, and there I can edit these things in the theme's, in HTML. Is there any possibility to change these things.
    Thanks for caring me. May I invite You a beer or two, if You hanging around here, Hungary , Pécs.

  6. Thanks for the beer invite, I will surely remember that if I come near Pécs!

    About the translations: in WordPress they come from a central "glossary file" that contains the translations. They can be provided by the theme, or by the general WordPress system, for generic items like "Leave a comment" or "Read more".

    If you were running an independent installation, you would be able to change those things, since you can just modify the translation file. Actually some languages - German for instance - offer two sets of translations, a formal one and an informal one. I don't know how it's for Hungarian, you can check it out at

    Here on, I don't think there's a way to achieve that, since the translation libraries are shared by millions of blogs. If I am wrong, I hope that some Automattician will correct me.

  7. Thanks again, I'll see, if it is enough reason to jump a deeper water. Thanks

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