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    I created the current url just to test out word press to decide whether we want to move to our clients blog to word press. Now that we want to move it to word press, I need to change the url from my name to the client specific name. It needs to change from to Looking through the support, I guess one way is to create a new blog with the clientname as the url. But then can I transfer the upgrade from my current blog to the new blog. If not, is there anyway you can do it behind the scenes and change the url.

    I know that other way is domain mapping and i will be using that but still i don’t want any reference of my name anywhere for client’s blog site.


    The blog I need help with is


    It needs to change from to



    Thank you.


    But once it’s changed, who will be updating and maintaining it? You? Or will you need to transfer it to them?

    If they will, it might be easier for them to create a new account with the name they want, then move the content to it. I’m not sure about moving the Upgrade(s), Staff will have to address that.

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