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Change the color of the links inside the articles

  1. I have purchased the design upgrade, but I can't change the color of the links inside the text of the articles.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    Try using the following CSS:

    .entry-content a {
        color: #00ff00; // Use your own color here
  3. @hfzrhmn, just a super quick super small CSS syntax note. Starting a comment with a double forward slash technically isn't valid CSS. Comments must start with "/*" and and with "*/"

    In your example, this:

    // Use your own color here

    Should be this:

    /* Use your own color here */

    Pretty super minor note, but I noticed you've posted it a lot, and I love your examples, so I wanted them to be right according to coding standards.

    Aside: are you a developer? :)

  4. @designsimply

    Derp! Sorry about that, didn't realize I've been writing comments that way. Got my languages mixed up. Thanks for letting me know, I'll be more careful next time.

    Yes, I'm a developer :)

  5. No apology needed! I love having a little diversity in these forums. I means there's some fresh perspectives on things. And I especially like when developers stop by to help out because it usually means I can learn something new from them.

    Thank you for all your help!!

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