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change the font?

  1. Can I change the font to a different one/not italic on static pages on the connections theme?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We cannot answer technical questions without a link to the blog, starting with http.

  3. Thanks.

    You can change it by hand-coding every paragraph in the HTML editor, you can learn CSS and use the CSS upgrade (although I'm not entirely sure it'll distinguish between static pages and posts on that theme) or you can try looking for some tips here:

    In any case, it's not a simple procedure.

  4. Is there a way of formatting in word and then copy and pasting the text in whilst keeping the word formatting?

  5. No, and pasting from word is a bad idea. Word does not speak web and breaks blogs. Recently wordpress started automatically stripping the code out of anything pasted in from Word because it was causing so many issues.

  6. That is GREAT to hear. Will save us so much work in teh forums.

  7. Oh dear.
    All my pages are pasted from word (and there is a lot of text) what should I do? is this ok?

  8. Don't do it. Don't EVER do it. If you want to write posts offline, use Windows Live Writer, Blogdesk, or some other offline blog editor.

  9. so i should re-do all my pages using the method they talk about here?

  10. (blogs are less of a problem as i guess i can just save drafts until i am ready to post)

  11. raincoaster, I'm thinking of downloading LiveWriter to do my writing there, are there any issues I should know before I do that the WP support video doesn't mention?

  12. Nope, Windows LiveWriter just plain works. Not ONE reported problem with it and as far as I'm aware.

    There's no need to redo all your pages. Since they're pages, they'd only screw themselves up; if you can't see any problems on the published page, don't worry about it. If they were posts, errors are cumulative and you could have screwed up your entire blog.

  13. @raincoaster
    I believe, also, that began stripping out code from word some weeks (a month?) ago. Long before the OP drlisalaw started to blog here at any rate. So pages or posts, she should be fine.

  14. It is not always necessary to hand-code every paragraph for a specific font family, decoration, size, line height, background color or image, padding, and so on.

    Without css, you must do it on every post, defining the style of a div for an entire post is not so difficult. Sometimes confusing.

    This not for a new-be, nor for a technophobe, but it is not impossible.

  15. So I am left a little unclear. For my posts I will just type
    straight onto wordpress so that is not a problem.

    For my static pages I don't need to re-do them? why is my home
    page a different font and in italic? the rest of the pages are
    Thanks for all your help!

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