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Change the list of blogs in the "blogs I follow" widget

  1. I have added the "blogs I follow" widget but would like to change the blogs that are listed to more current favourites

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sorry but that's not possible at this time.

  3. Thank you for the response.Is it possible to maybe delete any that are in the list?

  4. No I'm sorry that option isn't available either. We can choose the maximum number of blogs to show - blogs are listed in reverse order, so when you follow something new, it will appear at the top of the list. We can also choose display as a simple text list, or as a grid of images. That's all.

  5. Ok thanks for reply. I will just accept what is in there

  6. I just added this the other day to my blog in wordpress and was able to go in remove all the ones it put up when I added it and add just the ones I wanted to appear on the page. I removed it some how and now when I add it back I can't figure out how I did this. I know it is under links some how the list of blogs I picked are there and it ask if you want them to show or not and the ones I took off are there and the ones I want to show are there. i just don't know how to get this list to appear on my page to the right instead of the ready made one from the add blogs I follow widget when I try to put it back. There is a way to do it I just can't figure out how I done it. When or if I do I will come back and let you know or maybe you can go under your links and figure it out. If you do please let me know how you done it so that maybe I can add mine back.

  7. Figured it out as soon as I posted above. You don't want to ad blogs I follow widget you want to ad the links widget that says blogroll here is a link to tell you about it.

  8. @itssupermom
    I can say with full confidence that I posted the correct answer above.
    Read this and note that we cannot add blogs to this Blogs I Follow widget. The data pertaining to which blogs we follow is already provided in a database and automagically appears when we set up the widget.

    You may be referring to creating a blogroll in your dashboard Links section and displaying it in a Links widget but that's not the same at all.

  9. Yes I realise that the blogroll is a seperate widget and that you can choose the links you put in there. Thank you for getting back and confirming

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