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Change the old name and flag of Libya

  1. After the Arab spring, the Libyan knocked down the Qaddafi regime, and change the old politician name of the country (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya), to just Libya, and also change the Libyan flag Which it was just one color (Green), to new flag with three colors (Red & Black & Green).
    But Stats page still used the old Libyan name and flag.
    So Please help me to make change this big mistake of:
    1: The old Politician name (Libyan Arab Jamahiriya), to just (Libya).
    2: The old flag of the Qaddafi regime (The Green one), to the new Libyan flag which you can see on the Link: (Click here)
    Thank you
    Abdulrazig Almansori
    Tobruk city - Libya

    The blog I need help with is

  2. We actually get our flags and map data direct from Google's database and are not able to make changes ourselves.

  3. Mr macmanx
    Thank for your fast answer, which I think it is wrong.
    If you go to Google flags page, you see the new Libyan name and flag on that page.
    So be brave Like the Libyans who changes the biggest dictator regime, and may be with one or two lines of codes, you change that big mistake, that mistake which makes all the Libyan users of so angry, because they still seeing the old name and flag of Libya on your site.
    So please try to make the Libyans more happy by making that changes.
    Thank You
    Abdulrazig Almansori
    Tobruk city - Libya

  4. Ok, thank you for bringing that to my attention. I'm not sure why Google is still providing us with the old details in their IP location data, but we'll look into it.

  5. Mr macmanx
    Hi again:
    You can also see the site (Flags of the World).
    To see the page for the flag of (Libya).
    I hope that you and everyone from will be satisfied that the changing of the flag and name of Libya, to the new ones is the right thing to do.
    You can also see my facebook page (Call for using the new flag of Libya on all websites).
    Thank You
    Abdulrazig Almansori
    Tobruk city - Libya

  6. Hi again
    if you go to the United nations member States, you will read under Libya state:
    (Following the adoption by the General Assembly of resolution 66/1, the Permanent Mission of Libya to the United Nations formally notified the United Nations of a Declaration by the National Transitional Council of 3 August changing the official name of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya to "Libya" and changing Libya's national flag.), and you will the new Flag of Libya.
    Thank You
    Abdulrazig Almansori
    Tobruk city - Libya

  7. This thread has been flagged for Staff attention.

  8. Sorry for the delay, we're still looking into this.

  9. Hi, Abdulrazig Almansori:

    Thanks much for the report!

    Pursuant to ISO Newsletter VI-11 ( we've changed the country name to 'Libya'.

    We also updated the flag icon to represent the flag currently utilized by the United Nations (

    It may take a while for the flag to update -- clearing your browser's cache should help.


  10. Hi again
    and good day to all wordpress staff and users, and to all.
    Thank you for changing the old name and flag of Libya.
    I wrote a thanking letter for you, after doing that.
    The letter is in arabic an published a while ago on my blog, you can see it in the link : press here
    Thank You, and good day

    Abdulrazig Almansori
    Tobruk city - Libya

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