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Change the order of my Links in Blogroll?

  1. I can't find out where it aloows
    me to change the order of my
    links in my blogroll...
    I thought I did this once before in another
    one of my Blogs...

    Please help me on this...

    Thanks, Regards,


  2. The order your blogroll links are displayed in your sidebar is in accord with the way your categories are displayed. Categories are displayed alphabetically in almost all themes (I'm not aware of any exceptions). If you configure your categories widget to display subcategories hirearchically then they will be displayed alphabetcically beneath each category.
    - green
    - red
    - yellow
    - Japanese
    - Mandarin
    - Navel

    This will be useful

  3. I've never marked categories on my blogroll -- only "blogroll," assuming that IS the category.

    So if I break them into categories, you're saying that they will then display as groups by category? Will they automatically be labeled with the category? (In your example above it appears you mean the blogroll would have a label "Oranges" with Japanese, Mandarin and Navel grouped below.)

  4. "Blogroll" is the default. If you fail to assign a category to a link it will automatically be assigned to "Blogroll". However most bloggers assign their links to categories when they enter them into the main blogroll.


    -> dashboard -> manage -> categories - > categories add new

    I would add all of the following sub-categories separately and specifying Environment as the parent category

    - conservation
    - ecological reserves
    - trees and forests
    - watersheds

    Then I would proceed to add links like this

    -> dashboard - > blogroll -> add link

    Smallville Environmental Network (category Environment)
    Smallville Conservation Association (sub-category conservation)
    Smallville Ecological Reserve (sub-category ecological reserves)
    Smallville Forest Protection Group (sub-category trees and forests)
    Smallville Watershed Protection Society (sub-category watersheds)

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  5. Thanks! Instead of "default" I assumed "blogroll" was the "category," thus let it stand on all of them. Thus, had a mess! Have fixed it now. Thank you again!

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