How do I change the order of the links?

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    Hello happiness engineers. Please help me be happy :-)
    How do you change the order of the link categories on the right hand side of the blog? Also, how do you change the order of the links in the categories.

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    Within the Link widget in your sidebar, you can choose your link category and also the sort order of your links.

    In your case, I recommend having a separate link widget for each category, so can you manually organize those.



    Thanks for that. Worked a treat for the categories. Now how can I sort the links in each category in the order that I want?

    my other question is that with the links, some of them are other blogs. On Blogger where my old site was, it gave you a snap shot of the last blog entered of the blogs you added from friends ( if that makes sense) . Can that be done on wordpress? that way you didn’t have to visit the other blog to see if it had been updated as it showed on your page. like an all in one shop.

    Getting happier!



    To manually order each link, I suggest you use custom menus instead. They let you add any link you want, and you can sort them using drag and drop. Custom menus can be shown in preset locations in your theme, or as regular widgets.

    See here for more information about custom menus:

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