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Change the position of category, tags and comment link - Notepad theme

  1. How can i change the position of category, tags and comment link fro above the post to below the post content?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Has this been dealt with in your other CSS thread or not?

  3. No. I created another topic to discuss other kind of modification.

  4. Okay. You will have to wait for TSP or hallluke to log in and help you.

  5. Ok, no problem. Thank you! =]

  6. .post {position:relative;}
    .post-data {position:absolute; bottom:0; left:0;}
    .sharing {margin-bottom:60px;}
  7. It's not like the way you put, but i take this and change to this:

    .post {

    .postcategory {

    .posttag {

    .postcomment {

    .sharing {

    If you visit my blog you will see how its look. Now i want to swap the positions of sharing options (press this, tweet, facebook and e-mail) with the category and tags

  8. Try the following code, you might need to adjust some of the values until they fit where you want them:

    .post {padding-bottom:60px;}
    div.sharing {position:absolute; bottom:0; margin:0;}
    .post-data .posttag, .post-data .postcategory {bottom:40px;}
    .post-data .postcomment {bottom:70px;}
  9. Ok, it's almost in the way i want. Which values i have to adjust to put the sharing options a little bit lower?

  10. Experiment until you find values that work. I've modified the code above and it spaces out the sections a bit more:

    .post {padding-bottom:80px;}
    div.sharing {position:absolute; bottom:0; margin:0;}
    .post-data .posttag, .post-data .postcategory {bottom:50px;}
    .post-data .postcomment {bottom:90px;}
  11. Ok now. Really thanks!

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