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    Hi, I have tried to make a border line in my header, footer, and middle area. But when I applied the customization, the columns will be messed. For example, I have 2 sticky posts that look fine without border. But when I applied the border, one of the sticky posts will be jumped under.
    And so do the posts. Without the border it will be all 5 posts side-by-side. When I do the customization then 1 post will fall down.

    Here’s the picture.
    On the left is how it looks with border and on the right is the normal look.

    Thanks! :)

    The blog I need help with is


    oopps, I still have 4 columns on the screenshot.. but hope you all get my explanation :)


    The current wrapper width is not enough to contain the padding and the 2px border you added to the middle div. So the second sticky post is pushed down.

    So lets increase the wrapper width by 4px and make it to 984px using the following CSS (Currently it is 980px).

    width: 984px;

    This should display the border without messing up the post layout :-)


    thanks again for your help chaitanyamsv! :)

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