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change the width of my posts

  1. How do I make the width of my posts smaller? The pictures are just a bit bigger than i would like.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If you just want to change the size of the images, you can do that when you insert the image -- under size:

  3. > Settings > Media

  4. I know I can change the actual image size by editing the photos, but then they are smaller than the width of my text which I don't like the look of. Is there a way to make the left/right margins larger so that it shrinks the width of my post. Also, I don't want to change the width of sidebar that displays the widgets, I'd like that to stay as is.

  5. Try this -- adjust the width and the margin according to what you want it to look like:
    <br /> .home #content {<br /> width: 780px;<br /> margin-left: 30px;<br /> }<br />
    This will only change it on your home page -- is that what you want?

  6. I just tried what you suggested and it did make the width of my post smaller, which is what I want. But then it created a large space between my post and my sidebar which I don't like the look of. I guess what I want is to be able to make the side margins wider so the width of my content gets I kind of wishing for something that's not possible? I have no idea what I'm doing so I really appreciate the help!!

  7. Did you adjust the left margin as suggested -- increasing that margin shifts the section to the right.

  8. Give this a try:

    .content article {
    	margin-left: 50px;
    	margin-right: 50px;

    Adjust the 50px values as necessary.

  9. Note that the CSS I just posted was for the Quintus theme, which is the current theme on your blog.

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