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    Okay, yesterday I changed my theme to a regular WordPress Theme. Since I have purchased the CSS upgrade I clicked into CSS Stylesheet then I had to copy/paste the CSS on the first page of Edit CSS and click start from scratch. It worked but I didn’t like that template but I did find a template I do like “Ocean Mist.”

    Well I did all of the above for Ocean Mist and it doesn’t work. What am I doing wrong. Thanks.

    Simple version of what I did:

    1. Chose Ocean Mist
    2. Edit CSS Stylesheet
    3. Click on CSS Stylesheet, copy/paste it to the edit CSS Stylesheet
    4. Have tried both “Start from Scratch and just use this” and “Add this to the Ocean Mist theme’s”
    5. I have run out of ideas.

    Thanks for anyone assistance in this matter.

    The blog I need help with is



    I actually got it figured out.



    Dear amandave814,

    I need your assistance within the same issue. Found a free wordpress theme, but not able to figure it out yet. Can you help?




    @operationgospel, you cannot use any of the free wordpress themes you’ll find on the net here at You can only use the themes available through your dashboard. The CSS upgrade allows you to change the appearance of these themes (if you know what you are doing) but you cannot just cut and paste the CSS from another theme and apply it. Read the sticky threads at the top of the CSS forum for more information.



    Thanks for the info. rosclarke

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