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    I changed my theme at from Andreas 09 to Solopsis (sP?) yesterday. I got up early this morning and wrote a post and placed it on my “feature” page which is the front page of my blog. I sat back with a cup of tea and congratulated myself on a job well done. My finger strayed to the first link on the page I clicked it and to my horror it led to a 404 rather than to the Toronto Star article. A similar situation prevailed last night on the 2 other blogs when I discovered my some of my sidebar links in text widgets were also disfunctionalI changed from regulus to Solopsis.I will be immediately changing them to regulus and spending the day cleaning up the links that no longer work. I thought this was worth reporting in case others experience link problems too.



    Hmm, strange. I just brought up Solipsus on my test blog and the links worked fine there.

    Not doubting you or anything. I’d rather give you an answer but I can’t dupe the issue. Even with the sidebar links.



    g’day drmike. I have wordpress on two tabs on my browser so I can go back and forth and explain to you. I changed 3 blogs to Solipsus and everything seemed to be going swell on all three. Then last night I noticed that the links in my blog at had some non functioning links in the post entitled “The Eagle Feather”. There you will find the first link “here” works fine. But the second one went through some kind of disappearing portions of code transformation. Clicking Randy Macey, Mohawk is not productive. You click, it lights up and nada happens.
    Below the image note the word “website” – it’s the same story there – click and it takes you nowhere. From the backside all I can say is most of the code that used to be there vanished.
    In the next post down from there “The Eagle Story” the first link to the title works. However at the end of the article the “Center of Violence Interruption” link doesn’t work.
    In the sidebar text widget “Goldstream Park” just under the word questions near the end you will see a string of code that lights up but click on it and it goes nowhere now but it used to work fine.
    Below that in the text widget two lines under the title “SYMBOLISM OF THE EAGLE FEATHER” you see code, it lights up but connects to nowhere.
    I haven’t checked every link in this one blog as yet but I think I’ve written enough. If not please get back tome as I will be apparently devoting my day to “functionality issues”. ;-(

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