Change theme w/ a wordpress hosting.

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    Hi ppl :) I want to know if i can change some little things or I can upload a theme, cause i saw the help but i cant find the answer. The little details is that I’ve a wordpress in wordpress, i dont download the php app. My site:

    Im spanish speaker and i want translate some little things of my theme (actually Contempt 1.0)

    Thanks a lot :)

    Alejo Bardelli



    I know you have this marked as resolved but I’ll go ahead and answer.

    From the FAQ at the head of these forums:

    How do I add my favorite WordPress plug in (plugin) or theme?

    Currently no additions can be made to your blog as FTP access is not allowed. Suggestions can be made though via the Feedback form within your own Dashboard. (They make that suggestion here) New themes are usally added on Fridays.

    Can I edit my template?

    Currently no but this is planned to change in the future. Right now, the templates are shared between users on the server where your blog exists. If you require greater control over your template, the staff suggests using a paid host.

    As to translating your blog, choose the Spanish language at Dashboard -> Options -> General. You can help translate if you would like. You can find out more information here.

    Hope this helps,

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