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    It took 4 years for a theme to be introduced that I like and if a were a drinker I’d be weeping into my beer. Why oh why did Staff shift the whole theme to the left?

    Why don’t I have two nice white margins of equal size on either side of the theme like it was yesterday? Why do a I have a lack of margin on the left hand side and too much white space on the right side?

    I’m on my knees praying that this is an error, a dreadful accident, and that it will be corrected when I wake up and see it tomorrow morning.

    If there is a Theme Gawd – please hear me.

    The blog I need help with is


    Inuit Types has always had a slightly smaller left margin—but it shouldn’t have suddenly changed drastically and doesn’t appear to from my end. Do you have a screenshot of what you’re seeing, timethief?



    Hi Themeshaper,

    Inuit Types has always had a slightly smaller left margin

    I guess I didn’t notice this until yesterday. I was tired when I posted this last night and it mattered more to me then than it does now. Today I am at peace with it. Thanks for responding. I appreciate the fact that you did. I have marked this thread as “resolved”now that I know the left margin was always smaller.

    P.S. The news about the Themes Forum is good news! :)

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