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Change to size of photos when viewing from file source

  1. visiblespectra

    Hello, most of the photographs that I upload to my blog are around the dimensions 640x420. However, sometimes I want to post photos with larger dimensions. What I normally do with the larger dimensions is that I set the image properties to display them as "full size (640x427)". The photo then appears small in the blog post, but if the image is clicked, the browser opens up the original file that was uploaded, which has the larger dimensions.

    I noticed today that when I click on a photo with a larger original dimension, the web browser opens a smaller sized photo, but with the original file name, even though my Media Library contains the larger image.

    I tested this in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer, and it's only happening in Chrome. Firefox and Internet Explorer worked the way I described above.

    Please let me know if I haven't provided enough information. An example of one of my blog posts with larger sized photos is: All of the collage type photos are showing up small in Chrome when clicked, and normal sized (large) in the other browsers. For instance, the image:

    At first I thought this was an issue with Chrome itself, but then I dug around a bit more and found that the photos on a self-hosted blog that I often read are appearing fine (large) when viewed on their own in Chrome: That's how I want mine to appear/behave as well.


    The blog I need help with is

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