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    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is it possible to change my blog (which is .com) to .org? I want to get the forum feature which is apparently only available with slef-hosted blogs.


    The blog I need help with is


    Buy a domain name, hire a web host, install and configure the software from wordpress.ORG, export your stuff from here and import it into the new blog. Figure on a total average monthly cost (including the domain registration) of $10 to $25.

    You will be responsible for all updates, all installations, all troubleshooting, all backups, etc. If something goes wrong, you have to figure it out. If you install plugins, javascript or flash and break your blog, you have to fix it.

    If you do this, be very careful about plugins and flash and javascript you find out there on the internet. There is a lot of very badly written code – some of it on purpose – and it can cause you all kinds of trouble. Even themes now days cannot be considered completely safe as hackers are injecting malware and such directly into some of them, and then unsuspecting bloggers end up paying the price.



    really bad news… I was thinking about change too!!

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